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Young children love to cook or serve, make tea just like grown ups.

Our Play House Wooden Cooking Set is perfect for pretend play and role play which are sparking imagination.

Playing with Mum, Dad and friends also boosts social and communication skills as your little one enjoys company.


  •  Providing hours of pretend play fun
  •  Great for inspiring the imagination
  •  Playing with friends boosts social and communication skills
  •  Made of Solid Wood
  •  Non-toxic Paint
  •  Beautifully detailed
  •  Suitable for children from 3 years


Why “ Play House Wooden Cooking Set” ?

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We know there are many type of cooking sets, some of them uses good quality wood as well. But Magnets make Play House Wooden Cooking Set special!!


All parts on Play House Wooden Cooking Set are connected by magnets, which help maintain their quality for a long time. Children can enjoy slicing them safely.


1. Long Life!

Magnets last longer, whereas Velcro tape wears out and loses its grip over time. Magnets will continue to connect well even after years of use.

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2. Realistic Cutting Surface!

The tiny magnets require far less space compared to Velcro in order to connect pieces together. Children can discover what cutting fruits and vegetables is really like.

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3. Excellent Hygiene!

Magnets don’t gather dust or hair, unlike Velcro do and are very easy to clean.

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Who make “Play House Wooden Cooking Set”?


Woody Poody is founded by Mr. Nakagawa who loves and knows well about wood. The company manufactures children furniture and as well as more than 700 toys. Many of their products are used at schools and kindergartens in Japan.

Each of their toys are carefully designed and developed in Japan. Also corporation with their own factory in China, they manage whole production process to secure high quality.

They only use high quality natural solid wood. Compared to toys made of plywood or plastic, solid wood toys and furniture are heavier and are easily damaged. But feeling the natural touch and weight with their own hands let’s children learn to use things with care.

 They only use non-toxic paint that meets the requirements of European and Japanese toy safety standards, such as EN71-1, ST, and passes the Japanese food evaluation test.


We have lots of classically designed wooden play kitchen sets.

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