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The best way to introduce your little ones to the world of music

When it comes to picking out a musical instrument for your child to start off with, you have a few solid choices that feed the unique requirements of a child. You’ll want something that’s fun, easy to play, and lends itself towards teaching the basics of musical theory.

The xylophone is a perfect first instrument for a child. Learning scales and octaves will be integral with your child learning the xylophone which is very important across all musical instruments. They will also learn fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination when it comes to striking the bars with their mallets to get the desired level of volume and as well as work on their rhythm.


Why is this Fish Xylophone special?




When a toddler playing with this Fish Xylophone, the beautiful color and cute fish shape caught her interest immediately. She seemed to enjoy hitting it at first and it was a great discovery and encouragement for her that her actions also made beautiful sounds.

Xylophone is an ideal beginner instrument for future artists, only if it creates pure and present sound. Our Fish Xylophone is exclusively handcrafted at an atelier specializing in the manufacture of musical instruments in Japan. 

Japan has abundant forests and a very strong culture of woodcraft. The xylophone is made in area what retains traditional woodworking skills.

There are 13 stages in its production process, ranging from selection of the wood to shaping, chamfering and tuning. Each process is undertaken by experts to make it as an ideal first musical instrument for little children.

Made of high quality materials



The material for the wooden bar (quince) is chosen with a lot of care. Because any small difference in the grain or the presence of a knot will affect the sound.  The wood is normally used for marimbas which professional musician use.

Non-toxic Paint and Finishing


Made with safety in mind, the xylophone features smooth, rounded edges everywhere to prevent injuries. Only use non-toxic paint with strong durable materials. It also requires an expert’s careful hand to paint it all over evenly.


Accurate and present sound



Each xylophone is checked by specialized tuners not only to ensure the accuracy of the musical scale but also its tone quality.

 Study and long lasting


With its strong and durable materials, the Fish Xylophone can be played for years and will still perform as the day you bought it. There are no sharp edges to be friendly with little hands.



Who made the Fish Xylophone?

Bornelund is a well-known toy company in Japan for creating ideal play environments. Although they import most of their products from all over the world, they decided to make their original wooden blocks and xylophone in Japan.

The commitment of Bornelund is to using superior materials and perfect craftsmanship. In addition, the play-value of each toy provides great fun at each stage of child’s development and for a long time.

With such high standards, they look for perfect xylophone and wooden blocks wherever they may be. Consequently they reached out to Japanese traditional craftsmanship.

This xylophone, which the developer insisted on giving an authentic sound in order to encourage children’s’ curiosity is definitely one of kind.

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