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Who we are...
Hello and thank you for visiting The Little Door!

The Little Door is a small toy shop started by Chika. We specialize in toys for children under the age of seven.
Chika was born and raised in Japan.
As a child, she spent a lot of time playing. Her favorite games involved imaginary roles such as mummy, teachers, or a princess with her toys.

 All children love toys but Chika’s affection for toys never stopped, even as an adult. So it’s no wonder that she choose to work for a toy company when she finished university.

Her company in Japan imports toys from all over the world and runs its own select shop that offers great toys and equipment to make the lives of children happier and better. Over the course of more than ten years, Chika learned a lot about childrens' development, especially about the importance of play for the proper and healthy growth of every child.

Since Chika moved to Hong Kong, she enjoyed spending time in local toy stores and started to feel that there are other fantastic toys she can share with the people of this city. Her ideas grew and took shape in particular after she became a mum.

Chika is delighted to be able to open her door to show the many treasures she has brought back from Japan.

 We adore the soft touch of natural wood. This is just one of many reasons why most of our products - such as our tea set, musical toys and building blocks - are made of solid wood.

Please come and visit and play with us!






Our products

All our products are carefully chosen to have lasting appeal and play value for children.

Because we know that "playing" is the single most important experience for little children to enable them to discover the world around them. 

Imagination, creativity and social skills - essential for living quality lives - can all be discovered when children are absorbed in their play.


A good toy can be a lifelong friend for little children. 

All our toys are well-designed and built with safety in mind.

They are all great to the touch thanks to the high quality of the materials used to make them.

Above all, they all have excellent play value for kids who will enjoy playing with them time and time again.


The Little Door handles only "Good Toys”.