It's almost time...

Christmas i.jpg

Christmas i.jpg

Can't blieve it's almost time to prepare for our favorite season!

We stocked up on all our graet quality wooden goodies and get ready to wrap them for our customer.

If you would like to try out our toys, please visit us at

Fairchild Junior Academy on 25 November,

Conrad Christmas Fair on 2 December. 


We will be at the Conrad Fair

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Can't believe that summer holiday is just around the corner!

It's getting too hot (and humid!) to play outside except jump into swimming pool.

Maybe you think to add new toys in your kids' toybox to get through the hottest month of the year.

Please come and try out our toys at Prestige Summer Fair at the Conrad Hong Kong!

We will have special price items too.

It's on 1st June, this Thursday, from 10:00 - 19:00. It's a great fair to pick up unique gifts  to bring to your family or friends. 






The Little Doorのおもちゃを手にとって、自然の木の持つ質感と、楽しい遊びの要素を体感できるチャンスです。




Cooking is fun!

Thank you all who come to Sassymama x Baobae Marketplace on Sunday! We hope you had a wonderful time as much as we did. At the marketplace, Many boys and girls stopped to try out our Hamburger Set. Cooking playtime is a great fun for both, boys and girls. It also encourages small children to use fine mortar skill. Farther more, their creative imagination and self-confidence are boosted when they realize they can create their favorite food or new recipes. One boy made carrot and chips open sandwiches for our staff! This very popular set has a cutting bird and a knife, a grill pan, salt and peppers, everything you need for cooking! So this is perfect for especially boys who haven't got any cooking toys. Sassymama x Baobae Marketplaceに、来てくださった皆様ありがとうございました! 私達のテーブルでは、終日、小さなお友達がクッキングを楽しんでくれました。 人気があったのは、ハンバーガーセット。 おままごとは、女の子にも男の子も大好きな遊びです。 小さな子ども達にとって挑戦である、指先や手を上手に使って、お料理をしていきます。 楽しいだけでなく、自分の好きな食べものや新しいメニューを作ることで、想像力や達成感も培われるのです。 ハンバーガーセットは、まな板と包丁、グリルパンまで付いて、これ一つでお料理が出来ちゃうセット。 実は、男の子に大人気のセットです。


Sassy Mama x Baobae Marketplace

We will take a part of our favorite fair! Sassy Mama is always reliable sauce for mamas in Hong Kong. They hold a lovely shopping event, Marketplace with online gifting boutique, Baobae. All vendors are selected by them who know the best in Hong Kong. Please come and say hi to us! おしゃれなママのガイド、Sassy Mamaのショッピングイベント、Marketplace! 香港のベストを知り尽くしたエディター達が選んだブランドがずらりと並ぶMarketplaceに出店します! 本当のこのイベントのセレクトは素敵。 ぜひ、お出かけください!


Need a gift?

Are you too busy and forgot to prepare a lovely gift for little one? We are here for you! All our high-quality wooden toys are loved and by many children to play with for a long period. They made of safe, non toxic material. Additionally, free gift wrap!
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